I Got 99 Problems But a Website ain’t One

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Many people lose sight of the fact that a commercial website should drive traffic and help you MAKE MORE MONEY. Equally, as a business owner, you may not be sure how to make your website more profitable and why should you? That’s not your job!

I diagnose your online presence and identify achievable gains that get more traffic and convert traffic into leads. It’s simple: More leads means more customers that you can turn into paying clients. Without the traffic flow of customers, your website is a shop without footfall.

How to Increase Website Traffic

By using best practice techniques I work with you to make your website a BIGGER source of revenue. I pull apart and rebuild your website to work faster and be more user-friendly helping your valuable customers connect with you. Performing an in-depth analysis of your online business profile will inform proven techniques to implement search engine optimization to get your website noticed by the right people.

We all agree that word of mouth is great and it’s probably helped you get where you are now.

The internet IS word of mouth.

Having a website with little and outdated content is like doing a great job and telling nobody about it. You take pride in your work and you know people appreciate what you do. Why not take pride in talking about it too?

Like any good word of mouth, it’s only good if it’s been passed on to plenty of people. Working with you and teaching you how to use your website to make quality content, together we help your business grow. By connecting your website with a wider digital landscape leveraging tools such as social platforms, we build bridges for the traffic flow of peopleĀ ALREADY LOOKING FOR YOU. Your website turns from dusty old back-street sandwich board into a carriageway billboard that tells a story about who you are and the great work you do.

New Website Build

When you’re starting with nothing but an idea, perhaps for a new business or maybe a new website for a maturing business, I’ve got you covered. I want a website for my business! 

You know that much, but where do you start? It can be a daunting prospect when you consider the internet is an ever-evolving platform of moving parts, but with evolution comes opportunity. With a logical approach to informed design and best-practice development I can get you started on the right foot. I have a new business and I need a website. 

Brand new website or complete redevelopment, my passion is building the internet and helping small to medium businesses adopt a fresh understanding of websites as a business tool. I build people-focused responsive websites with out-of-the-box SEO marketing optimisation and serve your website from my own private and affordable UK-based hosting. In short, this means you end up with easy to use web pages that work nicely on all devices and respond well to search engines such as Google and Facebook. As I have complete control of the server environment it means the website is built from the ground-up to serve the purpose intended – to help people reach you!

Help me with my website!

If you have an internet-related project in mind, I want to help. Get your questions answered, your projects tendered, and your website built by tapping the button below.