Jefferson Real

Freelance Web Developer

I'm Jeff and I build things for the web

Intuitive user interface drizzled over robust server stack, with a sumptuous side of compliant codebase; this isn't just web dev... 👨‍🍳

I've managed large eCommerce projects with internationally diverse stakeholders, rolled out website-to-warehouse integrations with automated shipping solutions and themed CMS-fuelled blogging platforms. One flavour that's repeated throughout this digital smörgåsbord is the importance of user experience. Whether we're window shoppers, forum warriors or YouTube bingers, we're all humans interacting with data. Our interface? The internet.

A well-designed web user interface connects us seamlessly to a service without the feeling of having had to work for it. The same way a driver interacts with the road and a musician with their music; the car and the instrument are interfaces to speed and sound.

My mission is to implement websites that work by building stable server platforms with UI/UX that delivers your offering with ease.

This site is currently under construction. The irony of web development is the chef always cooks his meal last!