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I help businesses, individuals and start-ups by providing website development and website design services. I'm a complete one-man web design company delivering more punch per pound and a higher attention to detail. With my own planet-friendly web hosting service, I also look after you on the road ahead with one-to-one web support.

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Need Website Help?

I’m available to discuss, plan and quote for your project and my advice is always free! I’m based in Hampshire (South UK) but only one Zoom call away from being anywhere in the world.

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The Troubles with Getting a Small Business Website

Choosing a web design company and the right web hosting services are up there with the most confusing decisions a business owner has to make. They often don’t know what managing a website entails and assume it’s beyond their technical know-how. They also may not be aware of the benefits a website is capable of bringing to a business, beyond simply existing as a web address on their stationary.

How much should you spend on a small business website?

Web agencies of different sizes quote an equally differing range of prices whilst freelancer comparison websites compete with cut-throat fixed rates that seem too good to ignore. For the budget conscious, DIY business website builders are the low-hanging shiny apples of the website industry.

How do you get a small business website?

Do you hire a web designer, web developer, or a whole website agency? What are the differences and what are the pieces that make up a website in the first place?! Terminology and titles are used interchangeably across the web making learning a minefield for outsiders.

My current website is OK it just needs updating

If I had a pound…

I’m willing to bet this has been the case for a considerable length of time and while it’s true the logo and imagery should be kept up to date, there is almost always a list of vital technical improvements that should be made ASAP.

Do I need a small business website?

Hopefully it hasn’t come to this, but if this question has crossed your mind, the answer is a hard yes. If you have a business that serves, supplies or engages with people in any way, you’ve met the criteria. If you’re a solo professional or just considering the benefits of being your own boss, you’ll be glad you took the initiative to establish your personal reputation, especially when you eventually part ways with that large company.

Web Development for a Small Business

Having worked closely with many business owners experiencing technological hardships as both employee and consultant, solving website and cloud service (such as email) problems has become my speciality.

Yes – I build/rebuild websites from start to finish with a thorough research and design process that means you have a professional website tailored to your businesses and brand needs, and yes I cover just about any web-based development you can find a problem for. The difference between me and almost any other website pros you’ll possibly end up hiring is that I make the big company in-house website ecosystem available to small businesses and startups.

I Engage Your Customers

I build a mobile-first website using responsive design to represent your brand, engage your audience and generate leads from the customers you want to serve. By learning about your industry, site function and features are well-informed, giving you the edge over your competition. Say goodbye to DIY website templates.

I Empower Small Businesses

I implement a content management system to make editing your website simpler than using Facebook and can even be done from an app on your phone. Up-to-date information gives customers 24/7 access to answers they need reducing the number of distracting phone calls and emails. Fresh content, even just occasional photos of your latest work, will keep your customers engaged and improve your search engine rankings. You have advertising in your pocket!

I Grow Small Businesses

I make the continuous development life-cycle accessible to small businesses. With a professionally built website, expansive development can be segmented into bitesize chunks to suit your cash flow, growing the website with your business and customer needs.

I Make Small Business Easier

I manage all the technical elements of the website, hosting, emails and other cloud services to take these concerns away from the daily running of your business. I can even adopt an existing site with a support plan providing advice on digital next steps to grow your business.

Why Your Business Needs a Website No Matter What Industry You’re In.

Big business decisions are made in seconds based on the first impression of a website. It doesn’t matter if you operate a chain of gyms or sell sculptures from your garage; Your digital game is making and breaking business opportunities for you right now.

Your online presence is critical if you:

  • operate a business of any size

  • sell services or products in any capacity

  • maintain a personal reputation as a professional (freelancer or self-employed)

  • promote a non-profit message or service

A website isn’t something that can fill a gap overnight, it takes time and work to establish a presence and become the driving force of your brand and business opportunities. As customers get to know you and your business, they share links to your website by posting pictures of what you do and talking about your work on social platforms. This traction builds your customer following and turns an idea or startup into a successful enterprise.

This is why it’s key to set sail with a professional website as early as possible, even if the website is basic, to begin with. To plant your flag means your customers have somewhere to send their friends and followers. Otherwise, all those great reviews and word of mouth you’re generating, lead to nothing.

If you think you’re too small to warrant a professional website, remember that a website is an automated workforce. Not only is it able to represent you and answer questions 24/7, having the right content and information reduces the repetitive phone calls and emails about your service that distract you from being more productive.

Finally, your website generates new leads. A website is one element of your business that should always generate a positive ROI and when done correctly, it’s a sure investment in growth. If you had just one extra job per week, what would that mean over a year?

What are the options for building a small business website?

DIY Website Builders

Many small businesses attempt to put together a website using a DIY website builder such as Wix, Weebly or Squarespace. These options are better than no website at all, but only by a small margin.


They all advertise benefits, but besides putting your page titles in the right place, they make websites that are hard for search engines to make sense of. The auto-generated code that forms the structure of your website is rarely compliant with any best practice let alone covering the basics of the Google SEO Optimization recommendations.


Home-made websites look just that and if it’s not something you can proudly show your clients, it’s not likely to be winning you work over your competitors.


You’ll be fixed in a rigid website template offering little room to implement features that might otherwise give you the edge and represent the brand as you want. The framework also won’t allow for easy adaption by a web developer leading to hacky workarounds that will be mostly non-reusable when you outgrow the platform.


The website you see doesn’t belong to you. You don’t own the code or any of the visuals that have been generated for you so when it comes to expansion, addition, or even just wanting to move to a new host or provider, you start from scratch.

Cheap Web Designers

There are plenty of website designers who will offer their skills and provide you with a multi-page website for a reasonable cost. It will probably even look appealing but you’ll have to do all the bits they don’t do such as managing your hosting, domains and emails, then find your own ongoing support.

Here’s a thought: Most website designers aren't developers which is to say writing code isn’t their strong point. So how do they put together a working website? The website you’ll end up with will likely have been built using a drag and drop page-builder which allows them to build a websites without any programming knowledge. They can then offer a cheap website with limited bespoke styling for a great price.

No Updates

The website built on the page builder software is version-locked as the license for continued updates is owned by the person who built the website. There will come a point where the supporting server environment cannot be updated because the latest server software conflicts with the version-frozen website platform. You may begin to see performance degradation and certain features begin to break as the website server gets more out of date, and security will be a huge concern. Solution: rebuild from scratch.


Unfortunately, it’s the same as the DIY website builder. You don’t own the code generated by the page-builder software so any further development or upgrades will have to work around the unlicensed framework leaving a clunky hybrid between hand-written code and page-builder or more likely: investment in a new website build.

Website Agency

This is the traditional go-to for a professional, bespoke website with all the relevant skills under one roof, or at least the in-house knowledge to project manage resources to build you anything you want. But with that high-street office comes overheads: rental, bills and employee benefits are all tacked on to your bill before you even begin to price up the website.

It’s also understandable that agencies prefer big projects, something big enough to keep the whole team active at once as opposed to disruptive bit-work. They’ll be used to frequently submitting tenders for tens of thousands and it’s likely your small business won’t be high on the priority list.

Working With Me

Successful websites are influential, easy to use and effective sellers of the product or message. To get this right requires research, design, development, marketing, and hosting with a plan for support and development for the journey ahead. This list packs many skilled resources and is just the short version.

By scaling down a development model I adopted as a website project manager in big-business eCommerce, I have a unique skill-set and big-industry knowledge making me the only contact you need for business website and cloud services.

I am a designer, developer and marketer with the knowledge and experience to take your website design and development from start to finish, and continue to build as your business grows. Websites aren’t static portals of information, they are the breathing hub of the brand and business and should be part of a constant review and development cycle.

One of the key benefits to a professionally built website is the handwritten code base is adaptable and expandable meaning you no longer throw your website away and start again every few years. Continued small projects of development after the initial build see your website grow in line with your business meaning it’s never left behind and it provides the exposure and opportunities your business needs to thrive. Big businesses know this and invest huge resources into aggressively developing their online service to stay ahead of their competition. I make this same continuous improvement available to small businesses and individuals with big ideas.

My passion is website development and showing people how to utilize their online presence. It’s what I do night and day and while I’m not developing for a client, I’m collaborating with a global development community improving solutions and pushing the boundaries of modern WWW. I’m bursting with ideas and build everything as if it were my own. I code using platform-agnostic languages and to a strict style that makes everything I build conflict-free, stable and future-proof. I also extend website capability with advanced libraries some of which were developed by me. This allows me to add some show-stopping flare when you need to schmooze your users!

This is how much a website costs

Placeholder for website pricing

The Website Building Process

You don’t need to know anything about websites to work with me as I guide you through the entire process explaining everything in plain English. I take the time to learn about your ambition, the target audience and the competitive landscape to design a well-informed website which we will continue to build and develop as your business grows.


I’ll look at the competitive landscape to establish context and benchmarks for how your site should function. This stage is about compiling market research and analysing data that will inform the design and search engine optimisation of the website.


I’ll set to work sketching out interface layouts and wireframes which look like skeletons of your website without the visual polish of the final design. This allows me to experiment and iterate on solutions quickly to optimise a layout to work across different screen sizes. Next, I’ll design visualizations showing what the final design will look like so we can commit to a plan for the development stage. In the design phase, I will submit wireframes and subsequently, the final designs for your approval at each stage. I use my expertise to inform the performance and user experience aspects of the design and your input allows us to dial in the look and feel to keep branding on point. For the final designs, I normally limit the process to two rounds of revisions to keep the process from getting stuck in a loop of changes. This doesn’t mean you’ll be put on the spot to make major decisions quickly, I always make sure my clients are happy before we move onto development.


Once you’ve approved the design, I’ll start building using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The website will be based upon the WordPress platform allowing us a speedy and budget-friendly implementation as I can overlay the website design upon the existing framework. This process involves installing an existing WordPress theme that will be modified to suit our needs. This platform also provides a modern, user-friendly interface for you to administer from when you want to add or change website content such as service items.


Now the exciting part! After testing the site in a development environment across different browsers and devices and addressing any bugs that arise, a new server will be configured and booted in the hosting environment. Once the domain name and DNS have been configured, the new website is mirrored to a production environment and launched into a live state ready for business. It’s at this point we ‘cut the ribbon’ and your new website will begin to be crawled by search engines and be discoverable by the world. In these early stages, I closely monitor and continue testing the new website to make sure everything is working as expected. This is also the stage where I hand over the keys and give you a training induction to the new website admin area. I’ve done this many ways in the past, over a video call, face to face at a laptop and in some cases simply provided a written guide. Whatever works for you.


Now that ‘phase one of the website is complete, I provide ongoing support as part of my hosting and domain package performing routine maintenance and updates. On top of this housekeeping, I also monitor SEO (Search Engine Performance) and can make suggestions on areas of improvement and further development which will support your business needs.

For any queries or problems, I have a ticketing system you can use to log issues or simply contact me by phone or email. Support for issues and general queries regarding your website is included in the price of the hosting package, while any extended support for issues stemming from factors external to the new website or hosting services may be chargeable.

Please note, you’ll never receive surprise invoices from me and I don’t discourage anybody from calling for any reason even if it’s just to chat!


I’m proud to say that my hosting servers are based in London as part of the first independent hosting network powered by 100% renewable energy. This means no harm is done to the planet by the running of your new website.

What does a website developer do?

A web developer is tasked with creating website and web app core functionality coding with an array of web programming languages. They engineer a web hosting environment, configuring a platform to handle the mangement of site traffic, security and performance. They may even be responsible for developing the front end of the website according to designs supplied by a creative element of the project.

This is in contrast to a web designer who would deal with the research and idea stages of any development project. They collaborate with stakeholders to translate research data, know-how and branding into visual blueprints of the final product.

These definitions would apply in a corporate in-house web team or large website agency, but most would agree the lines are so blurred at a freelance level that the two are entirely interchangeable. The terms are also confused across the web making searching for the right website-professional a minefield for startups and business owners.

In my experience, most people searching for website design services, are actually looking for a market researcher, a designer, a developer, a marketer and support agent but they either don't know it, or like most, assume it all comes packaged together.

Enter the Website Agency

A website agency does exactly that. It compiles a team of individuals who specialize in one or more of these skills (and the many I haven't noted) to provide a one-stop shop for your website needs. The downside, is an agency comes with the added overheads of a heated high-street office and employee benefits.

Something else to consider; how many 9-5ers are passionate about what they do? I'm not suggesting none of them are, but it's reasonable to say there is room for anything from "I live for it!" right down to "it keeps the lights on".

So what? As long as you get the website you pay for? As with anything that can be built, website development is a creative task, and whether it's a website, a house, or sandcastle, It's apparent when it's been built without enthusiasm.

Enter Jeff - The Web Developer

So when people ask what I do, I prefer to introduce myself as a web developer. A person who designs, builds and maintains new or existing websites to help grow them into something better. I am the designer, the developer, marketer, the server engineer, the support team and all round website project wrangler.

As a natural forward-thinker I’m a big advocate of cutting-edge tech and constantly seeking better solutions. I regularly collaborate and contribute solutions in the development community so I know when common practices should be avoided AND when not to reinvent the wheel.

Responsive layouts, mobile-first code and SEO best practice is the default basis for all my projects. This means everything is designed to work on any device with any screen size, optimized for mobile first and adapted on the fly for larger screens as the code detects them. This means less loading time and no disruption caused by layout shifts as users in low bandwidth network areas are trying to access your website.

Resize your browser window or rotate your screen to see this website adapt to fit.

Mobile Tablet Desktop

I’m armed with a wealth of real-world solutions and I love getting stuck in to projects big and small. I can build you a show-stopping website dripping with intricate animation when impact is required and I can implement clean, pixel-perfect user interfaces when clarity and ease of use is key.

Pushing the web into the future is something I'm truly passionate about and I'd love for your website to be a part of it.

I'm always able to make time to look at new projects so if you have something you're looking for help with just send me a message. I can talk, video call, email or meet face to face, I'm very flexible!

Everything I code is written in a squeaky clean style adopting the latest methods in CSS3, HTML5, PHP7+ and Javascript ES6 programming languages. If you're not a developer this likely means nothing to you, so here's a quote from American computer scientist Donald Knuth: Programming is the art of telling another human what one wants the computer to do. Clean code means a project can be easily expanded and adapted by any developer in the future, and perhaps more importantly, is more likely to be problem-free and easily debuggable when niggles arise. It’s important that we build something which is not only future-proof and robust, but extendable as your brand grows.

I take you through the whole process from establishing your needs to launching your new website without making it complicated.

I know how personal a website can be and what it means to feel good about this extension of your brand. At the very least it’s your online calling-card and at most, your entire business, product AND workforce. I am very attentive to client needs and always ensure complete satisfaction at every milestone of the project.

Working With Me

There are many benefits to working with me, not least becauase it's just easy! My ethos is founded on honesty and openness with the simple objective of client satisfaction. Keeping this clear goal in mind has allowed me to maintain lasting relationships with all my clients whilst we’ve built some awesome WWW together. Explore the cacti to learn more.

Tap a cactus

Complete Solution

Design, Research, Dev, Deploy, Support, Hosting, If there's a hiccup - you know who to talk to and when it all goes right; that's me too! Being a one-man website machine means I can foresee concerns early in the project and adapt to suit. No back and forth between design and development teams and I have all the answers ready for you. This means 1. I can be efficient and 2. I know what it takes to get every aspect of the job done. When I manage larger projects I have insight for days yo.

Personal Service

I'll always be your direct point of contact and all resource will come from me unless we planned otherwise. Getting to know you means I understand how the project should take shape to best suit your collaboration style, and ultimately how the website fits you - the brand. You will never be a number!


I can quickly adapt to your needs and make instant decisions to benefit us both. If something needs to be pushed through pronto I can adjust the project to suit. You forgot about pages x, y and z? No problem, I'm already planning them into the project and I'll have a quote over shortly.


I come swinging many swords and can't think of anything you could throw at me that wouldn't be achievable. If you have a website problem I've likely had to solve it before and if you think you have something I can't solve... well now you've gone and done it. Challenge accepted!

Value For Money

No agency overheads means your budget goes on getting work done, not keeping the A/C running.


I build servers from bare metal, engineering my own stacks with turbo-tuned http configs, ultra-hardened SSL and caching that serves the user the page before they click the button (literally). I also serve your website fast, reliably, and without you having to worry about what any of that means. I now operate my own hosting network in London as part of the UK's first 100% renewable energy driven server farm, so you can rest easy, knowing your website is powered by sustainably-farmed buttercups*.

*not powered by buttercups, but planet-friendly and wonderful none the less.

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